Validae Health

Validae Health is an organization within Population Health Partners. Its goal is to deliver valid evidence efficiently and it is central to our ability to unlock outsized value from our investments.

A team of proven experts in strategy, program management, and operations, we know how to generate valid evidence far more efficiently than industry norms. We are led by Partners, who have, in prior roles, led the industry in biopharmaceutical R&D productivity, as ranked by the CNBC RQ 50.

CNBC RQ 50 - A unique list of publicly traded companies that derive the greatest shareholder value from their research and development spending, created in partnership with Washington University in St. Louis Professor Anne Marie Knott, inventor of the Research Quotient (RQ).

We have codified methods to ensure that the firms we invest in can create the necessary systems, and make highly efficient competitive, human, financial, design and communications choices.

Validae Health is designed to:

  • Reduce cost of evidence-generation by 30-90% relative to industry norms.
  • Accelerate time to launch by 3-5 years through early engagement with decision makers and upfront implementation research.
  • Deliver quality evidence for regulatory approvals, positive health technology assessments, peer-reviewed publications, and to inform professional guidelines.

Our core business process comprises three steps based on our thesis:

  • Define the jobs to be done, identify the innovation opportunities, and create an attractive value proposition with and for customers and patients.
  • Design and execute a global evidence generation program – including non-clinical, manufacturing, clinical, regulatory, health economic, and commercial.
  • Analyze, interpret, and describe valid evidence persuasively, working with customers through implementation and dissemination science steps, supply the product and measure the impact.